Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hefty + a tip + coupon.

This post is sponsored by Hefty but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


You guys. I'm freakishly weak. I rely on the help of my husband way more than I should admit. He's John Cena strong. I can name many moments where I have needed strength like that...the time the mouse decided our pantry would make a nice home...every year to hang my Christmas lights...when heavy lighting needs to be done...when dryers need to be fixed...and oh yes...every Tuesday night when the trash needs to be collected and taken to the curb. 

A family of six can collect some trash, let me tell ya. 

Confession: I have maybe...and I mean a strong maybe...taken out the trash one time in 12 years of marriage...that how I roll...I'm cool like that. My children have also never taken the trash to the curb either...sure they help dad from time to time...but they are still fairly young...most of our trash would be too heavy for them...and they are not a stage where they would willingly volunteer to do that chore...

With that said I have a secret...shhhhh...don't tell them...

Ok. So. I Christmas shop year round...this lightens the load during the holidays. Now with that said...I also need to hide these presents from my children...enter Hefty Ultra Strong...I take the present I purchase and I place them in a trash bag...and I store them in the back corner of the garage (away from where the real trash is kept) ...this works so well for so many reasons! The Hefty Ultra Strong bags are strong enough for me to cram big boxes and toys in with our the bag ripping...they also protect the presents from dust and dirt in the garage...and the best part...since my children would never willing take out the trash...I know that they would also never snoop through what looks like an ordinary bag of trash to them...winning.

I also love Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags for everyday trash purposes because they offer...

Exceptional performance (Hefty’s best kitchen bag ever) at a new low price (cheaper than Glad!)
Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizer
Active Tear Resistant Technology for superior strength 
Break resistant grip drawstring

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