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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DIY pineapple costume + Babies "R" Us + Huggies.

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Is Brooke not the cutest little pineapple you've ever seen????

Ok, I might be a little bias...but I do think the baby and this DIY pineapple costume are the bee's knees.

I'm going to show you the steps of this simple DIY!

First thing is first...

You'll need:

A white one piece body suit...short sleeved or long's your choice. I knew I wanted a long sleeve one piece suit...I live in the Midwest...Halloween is not usually a warm's almost always cold. I picked up my long sleeve bodysuit at Babies "R" Us...because I knew they would carry that item. Those long sleeve one pieces can be hard to find...unless you look at Babies "R" Us...they always have them in stock. 

You can always use a yellow shirt if you have one. My favorite color is yellow and plain yellow clothing can be difficult to track down.


Have you been to Babies "R" Us lately??...they have sooooooooooo many items to choose from! It is more than just a retailer destination. I was really impressed with the selection of items they had on the floor for many items to look at...size up...touch... to see the see how the item maneuvers...that is the kind of experience you can't get online.

Ok...back to what you'll need.

Hot glue gun + sticks
Gold ribbon - 2-3 yards ( I used glitter gold ribbon and I like that effect)
Elastic - ( or any type of headband )
Green feathers - I used 5 
Turmeric - that's right...turmeric...that is what I used to dye my white bodysuit yellow.



STEP TWO: Cut and lay out gold ribbon in diagonal in the below photograph.
STEP THREE: Start hot gluing the ribbon to the can either trim and glue the end pieces as you work or save that task for the end...I trimmed and glued my pieces at the end.


STEP FOUR: Glue down the top layer of ribbon.

STEP FIVE: Once all the ribbon is trimmed and glued...start working on the headband. You can use a headband you already have or cut a piece of stretchy elastic (sold at almost any craft store) ... measure your little one's head and then simple tie a simple knot where needed and cut the end. 


STEP SIX: Cut a piece of elastic and glue the feathers on this small strip...I did this because I knew my toddler would not enjoy those feather ends pressed up against her forehead...your kiddo might not mind just adjust this step accordingly. 

STEP SEVEN: Glue the feather piece onto the elastic headband.


Annnnnnnnnd....that's it! 

This is a fairly simple took me around 20 minutes to put together.

I kept Huggies wipes on hand because I wanted to keep my new outfit clean. Prior to dressing my little gal up as a pineapple...I first needed to wipe up all the chocolate cookie smashed onto her face and cheeks...that is the last thing I wanted...cookie all over my pineapple.

You're in luck... Huggies Natural Care Wipes are available at stores nationwide

The cost of this project was very reasonable as well...

$10 for bodysuits ( I only used 1 for this project - so $2)
$3 for ribbon
$2 elastic (I had enough left over for extra projects)
$2 for feathers ( I too had a few left over for a future project)


I really loved how this simple outfit turned out!

Don't you? 

Would you ever try this?

Do you have any Halloween plans yet??

If you don't be sure to check out...

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Check out the event finder at Babies "R" Us website found HERE.


DIY natural dying using turmeric / Boil 12 cups of water and 1/4 cup of turmeric / Turn heat off and place white article of clothing in the water for 5-10 minutes...the longer you keep in the mixture the bolder the color will be. / DO NOT RINSE! allow this to air dry for a few hours and then dry in high heat. *hand wash separately 

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