Monday, September 19, 2016

Pull-Ups + Huggies.

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Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, and GoodNites® available at Walmart Neighborhood Market®...I can honestly say I pick up all three of these products up every time I shop. 

I have four would think I'd be a potty training expert! 

I am not.

I have learned in my last 9 years that each child moves at their own pace. I've had one child who potty trained in a day...but in elementary school still needs GoodNites®...I have had a kiddo that took forever to potty train during the day...but once they did...they never needed another diaper...ever.  My youngest prefers to remove all her clothing and diaper...and then go to the bathroom...on the a dog...I'm not even kidding...good times, good times. While, each child will move to the next step when they are ready...I have learned a few things to help make the transitions easier...

Make potty training exciting! 
Throw a potty party - decorate the bathroom...make it a big deal!
Get some potty books from the library.
Watch Bear in Big Blue House Potty Chair song (or the whole potty show).
Keep Huggies® wipes on hand- these are the best quality...and bathroom situations can be...ehem...messy.
Pull-Ups® are a must- they are easy to get on and off and help in case of an accident. 
GoodNites® are also a staple - until potty training through the night is set...other types of diapers did not cut it in my house at bedtime.
Encourage family members to talk about the potty.
Create a potty chart - place a sticker every time the child sits on/uses the towards a reward. 
Keep chocolate/candy around...reward your child for at least trying.

I also like to create a little tray or bin to take into the bathroom with us. Most toddlers have a short attention span...I always needed something to keep them occupied...because if they don't have something to do...they may or may nor resort to unraveling the toilet paper roll...again good times, good times. I like to keep a few toys, markers, paper, Pull-Ups®Huggies® wipes, potty training books, and stickers for the potty chart. This helps your potty-trainer feel in charge...they can carry in their own little case filled with potty time goodies. 


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Awesome1997 said...

What size are the girl Huggies Pull Ups(which have Sofia on them) that you are using for your child?