Thursday, July 7, 2016

South Sudan.

When I was five, I spent my summer days carefree, swimming until my heart was content, playing with dolls, begging my mom to get me candy and the local gas which she almost always said, yes.

My almost five year wants for nothing. She is happy and content. She is spirited and has a vibrant imagination. Her favorite pretend scenario is one in which she is marrying her main man, Chewbacca. She can take a hot bath every single day, she doesn't wonder where her next meal will come from, and she can safely play all day long. 

Meet Chianyal. 
She doesn't go to school.
Instead she cares for her younger sister.
She suffers from malaria and fevers. 


Meet Zeieya. 
She doesn't go to school.
Instead, she collects firewood.
She doesn't know what fresh water taste like.
She doesn't know safety.  


The five year olds in South Sudan attend school. They barely have clean water to drink, so they don't spend their summer days swimming. Their pretend play doesn't include multiple dolls or fantasizing about marring mythical creatures. Their pretend play includes clay figures and pretending they have real food to eat. Pretending they have food. I repeat pretending they have food to eat. 

Good thing is here to help these children.
CARE is a global organization...they help fight poverty and empower girls and women. 

On July 9th South Sudan turns 5.

Let's celebrate thier peace and make life better for these children.

$41- can provide 2weeks worth of clean water

$70 can provide a family with a crop kit, so they can grow their own food.

$150 can provide full nutritional support for a malnourished child.

What were you doing at 5 years old? Can you spare $41 a week? a month? about in a year? 


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