Thursday, February 25, 2016

illinois recap.

illinois recap // long weekend // decisions on where to go // minds changed // let's visit abe lincoln's house // road trip to illinois // leaving the house late // snow // state sign photos on a busy highway // too cold for brooklyn to take a photo // where to go for lunch? // google diners, drive ins, and dives // text grandparents about where to eat? // are we there yet? // mud all over the car // mud was worth the photo // are we there yet? // charlie parkers * for lunch // a fun place to eat, pancakes as big as your face, milkshake sharing, and good food // such friendly people and owner meeting // free tickets to the president museum // abe lincoln's birthday so everyone gets in free! // museum exploring // learning new facts, hats, death bed, and seeing the actual gettysburg address...which hasn't been on display in ten years // coolest museum ever // off to the old state capital // oh so cooooooooold // lets go swimming and visit more stuff tomorrow // hotel check-in ... or so we thought // the WORST hotel experience of our lives!! // calling travelocity with no luck // calling club carlson with no luck // dealing with a jerk of a hotel manager ** with no luck // paying for a hotel and not having a room to stay in // driving all the way back and canceling the rest of the trip // sad kids // mad parents // promises to make up the fun //  9 hours in the car in one day // even though it didn't go as planned we still had fun // 

* if you're ever in springfield illinois hit up charlie parkers it is a fun place with good food and super friendly people. 

** if you're ever in springfield illinois please...oh...please do NOT stay at the Country Inn & Suites hotel...the owner does NOT deserve your hard earned money. 

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17 Perth said...

That's crazy! I hate that happened! Also, we Google diners, drive-ins and dives too! Lol