Thursday, December 17, 2015

formula for happiness.

I have four babies. I have learned a few tricks in the last 8 years. I have really come a long way since my first and definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin as a mama. I changed too. 

Here are a few of my tips for #formulaforhappiness 

+ Establish a sleeping routine. Make it a routine that works well for your family...may that be sleep training, co-sleeping...what evs...just figure it out. 

+ Learn the art of burping. No joke. If your baby is fussy there is a high probability that it is trapped gas. I became such an expert with burping that I could actually feel the air bubble in their little backs.

+ Offer a few security items starting at a young age. I usually offer my babies a blanket, stuffed animal, and pacifier to those who would take it. This is comforting to them, plus it's nice when sometime beside you can offer happiness. 

+ Go with flow, and sometimes loosen the reins. I swore I would never allow my children to leave the house looking homeless, or dressed as a fairy, or in slippers. That was as long as they have managed to dress themselves and are weather appropriate...I honestly don't care what they are wearing...because most likely we are late. 

+ Establish a healthy diet at a young age. I'm not even kidding. My oldest is a picky little thing when it comes to food...and it is all my fault. I catered to her. I gave into the junk. I cooked her a different meal, if she didn't like what was for dinner. I got better with each child and my youngest will eat anything! She loves veggies and fruits...and actually WANTS to eat them. That started at a young age. Gerber Good Start Infant Formulas, which are now all Non-GMO, can help establish nutrition from the start. Trust me, we eat our fair share of pizza, and sweets, and even the occasional soda (gasp!)...but as a parent it is your job to give them the good stuff. I promise you, junk food is being offered to them from all directions. Start them on the good stuff right off the bat...because if they aren't getting it from you...they most likely aren't getting it. 

+ Learn to love the mess. Actually I still struggle with this. I like things can they make a mess so quickly?? how???

+Embrace the season you are in. It won't always be this way. You never want to look back and say I wish I would have spent more time with them, or I wish I would have played with them more...All kids really want is your time. That is it. 

What are your tips for #formulaforhappiness ???? 


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