Monday, November 23, 2015

meet eve.


I can't say enough good things about my new friend Eve.

Eve, is a mattress.

A mattress that comes in a box, and arrives at your door step.

I have had my mattress for about three days now. I have slept great! I was honestly a little skeptical because I am a side sleeper. I wondered if I would sink in, or if I would wake up sore. I did neither of those things. I could turn comfortably with no effort. This was firm, but not hard. 

Eve showed up on my door step and arrived in a box. The box weighed about 70lbs. Glad the husband was home, because I would not have been able to get the box up the stairs. I was very easy to remove from the box. I didn't take that long to make its way to normal size...maybe a few hours...tops. It has a new mattress smell, that a few reviews said was too strong. I noticed it the first day three it is gone. 

My children really enjoyed the mattress. They were so giddy. They rolled and jumped and lounged. They wanted to sleep on it...I politely told way...this is MY mattress...and gave them the mattress box to play with...I think they liked the trade. 

I also happen to think yellow is the best color ever, so I really loved the yellow trim around the outside. If yellow isn't your thing, I'll forgive you, and a bed sheet will cover the edge. 

Eve offers a 10 year guarantee and  a 100 night sleep trail. 

Would you ever buy a mattress like this? 

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