Friday, June 26, 2015

art work magnets.

My kids bring home are work by the thousands. Their art work covers the front, and the sides, of our refrigerator. Sometimes, they catch me sneaking some of it into the recycling bin...

I was looking for a way to save some of my favorite pieces without having to display art work the size of my body all over the house. I could frame them, and I have made clothes string lines in their rooms to clip and showcase the ones they love. I was in the need to make them smaller, to shrink them. Enter, Tiny Prints. 

I made these on Tiny Prints, to turn a few of my favorites from this year into magnets. I love the way they turned out! They turned out fun, colorful, and just the right size. 

Now, I can use the magnets to hang up more art work. 


sara said...

love this idea!
i've been thinking about doing the same for a while now.
thanks for motivating me to get to it!

Marli said...

genius! what an amazing idea. and so cute too!