Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 recap // spring break //  omaha somewhere in the middle of america // state sign photos // blueberry ice cream mixed with frutty pebbles // being in two states at the same time! // iowa // parks, bridges, slides, and packed lunches //  gerald ford's birth place // 6.1 million bathroom breaks // tents and sleepovers // a road trip that cost $44.00 total // slow cooker meals // baseball in the backyard // feeding baby goats // more ice cream // dunce caps // sunshine and crystal blue sky filled with big fluffy clouds // dreaming about owning baby goats // avocados and egg yolks // days spent with cousins // gods not dead // "mama I weally need da baby goat." // baseball in the rain // egg dying and hunts // he is risen // worship // "this is my favorite day of the year." // chocolate bunnies // family photos, or at least an attempt // skip it // strong coffee on the porch // full hearts, lazy days, and only 31 days until summer // 

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jacie @ http://jacieland.blogspot.com/ said...

YOU WERE IN IOWA!?!?!?! ahh, geez! We may've crossed passed & not even known!!! and a $41.00 road trip? Yes, please!