Tuesday, April 14, 2015

diy tic tac toe board.

diy tic tac toe board // step 1: hint around to your husband that you would really like those wood stumps just sitting there...abandon on the side of the road // step 2: it's helpful if your husband picks up on your hints and delivers the stumps to the backyard // step 3: throw in a handful of children who have "nothing" to do // step 4: search for the craft paint...note: this took about 15-20 mins...longer than the actual project itself // step 5: tape off a square and paint it the color of your choice (or blue b/c that is the only color paint you could find) // step 6: allow the paint to dry and then paint the a hash tag over the top // step 7: collect rocks // step 8: decide to paint half of the rocks gold // step 9: spend a good 10 minutes looking for the gold spay paint // step 10: paint rocks and then enjoy a good old fashion game of tic tac toe 

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