Thursday, March 5, 2015

no sew glove mosters.

I am sure I received a few eye rolls at this post and title...comments like who has time to make these things? are you kidding me glove monsters? In all honestly I do these activities to maintain my own sanity. Kids like to play, and be interacted with, and I can only play Barbies so many times before I lose my glove monsters it is. 

I saw this idea a while back on Pinterest HERE. Since we live in the Midwest and require gloves and mittens every winter, and we also seem to randomly lose gloves and mittens, and in turn we seem to have a large abundance of gloves without matches...I thought I would try this out. Why do I keep the extra gloves? I honestly have no idea? But this summer they came in handy when we made no-sew glove critters.

You'll need:
google eyes (optional)
buttons (for noses...optional)
hot glue gun

First tuck the thumb inside and glue the end so it won't pop back out. Then, fill the glove with stuffing. Seal the top of the glove with a good amount of hot glue. Next, cut and create all you need for a face. Finally, glue face down. The end.

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Susan Liberatore said...

Which mother of 4 has time to make these things??? A FABULOUS ONE THAT'S WHO!! (and also one that is dying to visit Toronto and eat with me) ;)