Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Dear Husband, Thanks for cooking diner the other night...ok and the night before that...ok and most of last month...ok. ok. Thanks cooking diner 90% of the time...ok...it is really more like 98% of the time...

Dear Clone of a Cinnabon, You were divine.

Dear Jude, You make me laugh. You're becoming such a great reader and an awesome skater! 

Dear Elisabeth, You are so sweet. I love how you love your siblings.

Dear Lyla, Dare I say it? You have been listening so well lately! Also, you are adorble.

Dear Brooklyn, You are getting so big! You can now roll over, and your eyes are dreamy.

Dear Valentines Day, I think I will celebrate you day after from now on...hello 75% off.

Dear Netflix, You don't really understand me. I have a kids account for a reason. I do not want to see anything Disney when I log into my profile. I have to listen to children shows and songs all the live long day...I don't want to see cartoons when I finally get a chance to sit and relax.

Dear Readers, This is such a great sermon on marriage. 

Dear Lamar's sour cream cake donut, I will never love another dessert more than I love you. 


Anonymous said...

I love that 75% off after Valentine's Day too! Love these posts that you share! :)

beth said...

ohhhhh, I want one of your caramel rolls RIGHT NOW- thank you.

Sara McCarty said...

Mmmmmm...cinnamon rolls. Drooling.

Susan Liberatore said...

You have not had any of my desserts so please wait until then to decide if you will or won't ever love anything more. HAHAHAH

Love these!!!