Tuesday, January 6, 2015

letters, bread, and the flu.

Dear 4 hour baguette, You are my current favorite bread to make. You're a little time consuming but super simple to put together. My children devour you and you taste better than the baguette from panera.

Dear Flu,  You were brutal. Thanks to you two of my older children were miserable over Christmas break and I haven't left the house ( except to go to the doctor ) in 9 days....9 very long days. #shouldagotflushots

Dear Lysol, I don't usually use cleaning products with chemicals. In fact I use all natural cleaning products. However, thanks to the flu I have pretty much bath my house in you...multiple times a day...every time someone coughs...or talks. 

Dear Jesus, Thank you for your grace and healing power. Thank you for your protection over my two youngest children. I have basically prayed a bubble against the flu around my baby. Prayers were answered.

Dear Elisabeth, I will beat you at Beat The Parents. I will show you no mercy...until then keep on winning...and remain undefeated. 

Dear Jude, You lost your first tooth! Well, you lost your first tooth the natural way...it is nice not getting a tooth knocked.

Dear Lyla, You can spell your name!! It was a funny and cute process, and you got a Frozen Snackeez cup out of the deal.

Dear Brooklyn, I hope you haven't forgotten about your siblings. I know its been a week or so since I have let them in a 20 foot radius of you. They do exist, and they keep asking me if they are healthy enough to go near you yet. They miss your cuteness.

Dear PETA, I am all for the proper treating of animals, but if you think THIS is animal cruelty...I would hate for you to see how my two year old treats loves our dog.

Dear Husband, We need a date.


Shannon Q. said...

That's awesome you make your own bread. It's something I've always wanted to do but never have as of yet.

Katie said...

i want to make my own bread!!! and boo to the flu! hope everyone gets healthy fast!

beth said...

I loved your post...it made me laugh and it was sweet... I think I should do a "dear......" mind if I copy you? : )

Happy New Year!

Jenni Price illustration said...

Praying health over your family! We've been at the doctors a lot too. Not fun.

Susan Liberatore said...

I SO feel you! I just got over my third illness in 6 weeks - it finally turned into pneumonia. What a nightmare - hope you are all on the mend! xox

17 Perth said...

NOO! I am so sorry your kiddos had the flu. :( Awful. I know how much your household loves Christmas too! Hoping everyone is on the mend. That bread? Looks amazing.

Daisy Valdivia said...

Thats terrible! I hope you feel better by now. I clicked on the recipe, I'm going to have to try it, bread is my favorite :)

Oh, and that dog thing seems crazy! Then again, It's PETA.