the olive tree: 2014 recap.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 recap.

2014. I blinked and the year was over. It was a year filled with sweet simple moments.

We had an 8th birthday // hunkered down during a snowstorm // build snow hills, snowmen, and forts // hoped for an early spring // oscar movies and binge watching // celebrated a 2nd birthday // got a tooth knocked out // the two year chipped her thumb bone by getting it slammed in the car door // the boy turned 5 and partied survivor style...which included a donut cake // the same two year got another x-ray caused by jumping off a bed // became increasing paranoid of possible injuries // a spring filled with green grass, water balloons, and slip n slides // camping // lovely nights by the fire with great company // gardening and fresh tomatoes // more jarred pickles than we know what to do with // started baseball // awaited summer // watched the babe in action // got a first place medal //  spent endless days at the pool // went to branson in a rain storm //  cheered on a red head at swim meets // watched the blue ribbons roll in // cheered the brown eyed girl on at conference // got 8th place in back stroke // celebrated 10 years // fireworks // a whole lot of jesus and coffee // nights in the garden, flash light tag, and fireflies // another tooth knocked out // cousins // a few more birthdays // books, painting, and tents on the porch // early mornings and late nights // trips to the zoo and big t's // all things frozen and let it go! // a summer without travel // great worship and strong coffee // baby goats // more pool days and the first summer in a while without a drought // met the secret service and saw the presidents car // started kindergarten and the second grade // homemade jam // waited the arrival of a baby // a false alarm // It's a GIRL! // picking a name // apple orchards and consuming an unhealthy amount of caramel //  survivor and caseys pizza // sunday night dinners // summer fading into fall // church, football, and open windows // elsa, anna, and a turtle // nature walks and adventures // sleeping through the night // turkey day // anticipating christmas // branson in the fog //  the most wonderful time of the year // and it was a year filled with some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen // life whispers so listen closely //


Mamasita said...

I adore each and every one of these pictures!!!! Such a beautiful family - HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!!!!
2015 blessings to you!

17 Perth said...

Such a wonderful recap. HAPPY happy new year to you! And I am firmly convinced that having a child makes time actually go by faster.'s true. ;)