Friday, November 14, 2014

book review/ giveaway.

I Can Learn the Bible might be one of the cutest books I have seen to date.  The illustrations are adorable...and the book is filled with 52 for each week. This book would make a great gift, tool for homeschooling, or would be perfect to use for Sunday school classes.

I have started reading a short devotion with my school aged know fill them with a little Jesus before they head out to public school. Most mornings we get to it, but in all honesty sometimes the business of the morning rush gets the best of know the kind...i can't find any socks...the baby is screaming for a bottle...someone just spilled an entire bowl of milk all over the floor... I have been revaluing our mornings and I think focusing on the same scripture for one week might benefit the season of life we are currently in.

Do you do a daily devotion with you children? (answer in the comment for a chance to win a copy of this book)

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Liz said...

This looks so great!!! Thanks for sharing about it!

Valerie Stewart said...

We try our best for a daily devotional but don't always. Trying to get better at it. This book looks great! Send me a list of all you favorites that I should invest in for my littles.

Allison said...

Loving all these book reviews/giveaways! Yes we devotional with our oldest every night before bed, will start with our youngest once he starts school just like we did with her. Builds a bit on the foundation they get at school.