the olive tree: weekend recap.

Monday, October 27, 2014

weekend recap.

weekend recap.

girls with tangled hair and chucks // princess pjs and turtle power // no school and sick days // sugar cookie making and sprinkles // difference maker and good tunes on the porch // trick or treating and getting "good" candy this time //  cousins // pumpkin carving and casey's pizza // good company // long walks and bike rides // 4 am feedings // leaf collecting and candy trading // great worship and coffee // getting excited about operation christmas child // listening to christmas music (don't judge) // watching parts of jingle all the way (don't judge) // sunday naps // more coffee //  birthday parties and more cousins // cotton candy sunsets and flying //


Susan Liberatore said...

How amazing is that very first photo????
A lovely weekend. xox

sara said...

we've been listening to christmas music here and there. we've also got tangled hair and chucks too. glad to see we're in good company! x

Joy Kinard said...

we're excited about Christmas boxes over here too. beauitful family, girl. so beautiful.

Amy @Set Free said...

you are gorgeous! such a fun weekend!

Jenni Price illustration said...

Yikes 4am do you look so rested in you photos??? Maybe it's that Sunday nap. I love those. Sounds like a really nice weekend!