Tuesday, September 2, 2014

newborn picks.

We are about to welcome our fourth baby into this family, hopefully any day now. This is not our first rodeo, and lets face it babies can require a lot of stuff. Of course there are the big tickets items that will make life easier like the swings, slings, seats, baths, strollers, jogging strollers, monitors, the list is endless. The whole purchasing for a baby can be a bit overwhelming. It also seems to me that the second you buy that top of the line, safest, most researched item you can find they come out with something completely new. With that said I put together a very small list of newborn essentials I would want or would give as a gift. 

1.) a baby book // There are a lot of choices out there. Susan Branch's Baby Love it my all time favorite and I have never seen one quite like it out there. I picked this one out for Elisabeth, and ended up with two different books for Jude and Lyla. I ended up re-ordering this book for baby number four because I loved it soooooo much. The author really does a great job of making this book extra special with sweet sayings, lots of questions, and sweet tidbits for a parent to journal in. It also includes holidays and birthday pages up to age five. NOTE: for some crazy reason you can get this book HERE for less than $6.00.

2.) shampoo and lotion // Sure there are a lot of baby shampoos out there, and I am sure any would do...but I received a gift card to Noodles and Boo from my bloggy bff Susan when I was pregnant with Lyla..and I was hooked. I am totally, completely, over the top in love with the smell of this product. The smell screams baby. In all honestly a little goes a long way this travel set lasted me at least six months. Also, another bonus....natural and gentle ingredients.

3.) nightgown sleepers //  I don't care where you get these...just get them. These sleeper gowns make middle of the night changes a million times easier. The elastic bottoms just slip right on up for easy changing...no unzipping and re-zipping...no unbuttoning and re-buttoning. Trust me when I say at 2AM when you are already sleep deprived changing a newborn can feel like an olympic event. Also, while I am on the subject of newborn clothes...keep about two outfits and return the others...no joke...swap them out for bigger sizes...you almost never take newborns out of sleepers and they grow out of the newborn size soooooooo quickly you won't be able to wear all those outfits. 

4.) swaddle blankets // Again it doesn't matter where you get these...just make sure they are big and you have a few...Swaddling can be a lifesaver with a newborn. Note: swaddle blankets are different than receiving blankets.

5.) 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old // I tell everyone I know having a baby about this book. I realize that sleep training is not for everyone...but it was for me. I am a much better parent when I sleep. It is a lot of work and while "training" you will feel like you are sleeping less that you ever have but it does work. I used this book (with a little tweaking and adjustment per baby per needs) with all three of my kids and I am not lying when I say my oldest slept 8pm to 8am by 12 weeks, my middle (who was 5 weeks early and colic) slept 8pm to 7am by 10 weeks, and my youngest slept 9pm to 8am by 11 weeks of age. This book was a lifesaver for me. Again I do realize this is not everyone's thing, but it is at least worth looking into. Also, I liked this book because it is not a "cry it out method" you sooth baby, create a routine, ween out feedings, and provide baby with  the tools to go to bed happy and sleep through out the night. 

So tell me what are your favorite newborn items?


beth said...

Christina! Just want to wish you a safe delivery and say that I cannot wait to see photos of your precious little one.... your children are all so beautiful! God bless, xo beth

Amy @Set Free said...

Thank you for sharing! It's been 6.5 years since I've had a newborn in the house and I need all the reminding I can get!! Can't wait to "meet" your new little one....seems like just a few days ago you were announcing your pregnancy on here!

Kelly said...

So I might have posted twice...
Do you know what your having or is it a surprise?
The vibrating bouncy seat and classical music are my favorite must have baby items. They're both so soothing. BUT I have been out of the loop for like 12 years now so I'm probably not much help.

Susan Liberatore said...

YAY for #2!!! Woot woot.
And re: the sleep book. Sigh. Just a big, huge sigh. #mybabysdontsleep