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Monday, June 16, 2014


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Dear Husband, You are hands down the best dad I know. You are a man who chases after God, loves his kids fiercely, and isn't afraid to lead this family. I am so glad I get to be on this journey with you. Let's face it if you weren't around I would be like THIS everyday.

Dear children, I thought it was so funny when you were talking about places you have NEVER eaten with your cousins. They couldn't believe you have never been to Arby's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and many more.  I thought it was extra cute when you asked them if they had ever been to places like: Big T's, Happy Gillis, and Cupini's.  What can I say I don't like fast food, and we hardly ever eat out. I want you to enjoy good food...not fast food...and on the rare chance we don't eat at home...I want foodie food. 

Dear baby, I am thinking about making a shirt that say: "Yes, I was planned." and "No, we don't know if your a boy or a girl."

Dear self, I like how your on this kick to try really hard to eliminate most processed foods. It is funny how all your convictions seem to escape your mind when you hit up the ice cream isle.

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Leah said...

all bets are off with ice cream. give me all of it! haha

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

it's because ice cream is so freaking good all of the time!
BUT I bet there's an uber expensive, minimally processed one you can find at the health food store. But, will it be the same?

Susan Liberatore said...

HA! That darn ice cream isle I tell ya! It is hard to eliminate processed isn't it? EVERYTHING seems to be.
And I love that you get out to eat at REAL restaurants with your kiddos. Same here.
And lastly, I want a t-shirt {the first one pls} when you have it printed! And also, another that reads "yes, all of my children have the same dad". Oy.

Erica said...

Your t-shirt idea would certainly save you a lot of trouble, I'm sure! I think it's so good that your kids haven't eaten at some of those restaurants before and sounds kind of proud of it! :)

Sara McCarty said...

I would totally crack up if I saw a pregnant mom wearing a shirt that said that. It's genius!! You must do it!