Monday, June 2, 2014


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Dear THIS, I just wanted to say thanks for making a tasting snack that has wholesome ingredients that my kids actually like. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy making my own bread, granola, and other treats...but sometimes it is nice to be able to reach into the fridge and hand my kids a snack with out having to prepare it first.

Dear Elisabeth, I am so excited for your first day of swim practice, and your very first swim meet of the year. I know you will be great.

Dear Jude, It was so cute to see you slide to second base during your baseball game the other night! Your aunt turned around and asked me if you had been practicing sliding. I smiled and said, "No. It looks like Wipeout actually taught him something." 

Dear Lyla, Thanks for taking it easy on me this week and not requiring a trip to Urgent Care for... x-rays. 

Dear Baby, I enjoy feeling those teeny tiny kicks. I can't wait to meet you!

Dear Husband, Thanks for cooking...for the last 25 weeks...ok maybe a little bit longer than that. You make the best pancakes ever, and the worlds best coffee. Also, I think your hot.

Dear America's Got Talent, I like that I can sit down and watch you with my is hard to find a show that is kid friendly and not...ummm....boring. You also a reminded that I have no real talent.


Katie said...

yeah for baby kicks and summer!! and a husband who cooks when you can't! :)

jackie jade said...

aww cute. you're lucky you have a husband who likes to cook!

Susan Liberatore said...

Your hubby is seriously the best. And I for one, still can't believe you're pregnant! SO EXCITING!!!

Denise said...

you have a great husband. mine spent a lot of our early years of marriage doing the cooking ( the pregnant and littles years). now my third does a lot of the cooking ;)

when are we going to see prego pix?