Thursday, June 26, 2014

hummus and pita chips.

Homemade hummus and pita chips are one of my favorite things to eat in the summer. Also, it is crazy easy to make...

For the pita chips you'll need pita bread, olive oil, and seasonings of your choice. I like to use oregano, sea salt, a little pepper, and parmesan cheese. Cut your pita bread into triangles and then brush with olive oil. Then sprinkle your seasoning on top of the oil...again the seasonings is really a taste preference on what you use, and how much of it you end up using. Bake @ 375 for 10 mins.

For the hummus you'll need:
a can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) 
2 cloves of garlic (peeled)
2 tbls. of olive oil (maybe more if dip seems dry)
1 tsp. of salt, pepper, and oregano (or spices of your choice)

Mix all ingredients in a food processor, and blend until smooth. If dip seems thick add more oil. This can be served immediately, or chilled. Right before serving I like to drizzle a little olive oil and parmesan on top. 

Cost for both: under $3.00 //


Shaunacey Bonneville said...

alright, everyone is posting food today and I'm literally drooling over here... must not snack past dinner. You guys are making it hard!

Flor said...

oh wow, I didn't realize it was so easy! i'm going to have to try it, it looks so good! xoxo

Susan Liberatore said...

YUM! Yes, yes, yes. I love chick peas anyway I can get them!