Tuesday, April 22, 2014

birthday, easter, weekend recap.

It was a lovely and busy weekend. // we decorated eggs // played with sidewalk chalk // rode bikes // had three egg hunts, including a glow in the dark one // decorated our baskets with stickers // had a fifth birthday // ordered 48 donuts //  made a donut cake // played survivor style games // went to park // played with water balloons // played with cousins //  had a lovely evening by the fire with good company // ate pizza, jimmy johns, and the world best potato salad // "planted" jelly beans and they "magically" grew into ring pops over night // received more candy than we know what to do with // got fancy for church // went to  church and celebrated the resurrection // taught sunday school // hung out with family // ended sunday night with our traditional meal of cereal...followed by snuggling and amazing race watching //

How was your Easter?


Amy Caudill said...

glow in the dark egg hunt...oh it's on for next year! so fun. and what a weekend...jam packed with all kinds of amazing things! thanks for sharing!

17 Perth said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. And I love jude's request for a cake---And I love that you made it happen! We had a great Easter...laid back but fun! Lots of eating....and drinking decaf coffee. Lol. It rained and was 50 degrees here--very strange for this time of year!

Danica Pardini said...

THREE egg hunts? You're littles are very blessed! My Easter was wonderful, having that extra day off ok Friday was glorious. Praising God for a beautiful weekend!



Kelly said...

jude is 5? where does the time go. your weekend sounds glorious.

p.s. i'm still trying to convince my family that a cereal dinner on sunday nights is where its at.

Alli said...

AW, I love that idea of planting jelly beans! so cute

Elle Sees said...

i wanna do the games--those look like fun!!