Thursday, January 23, 2014

yoplait taste off.

confession: I am a recovering picky eater. One food I still don't dig, is yogurt. So when I was asked to to participate in a Yoplait blueberry Greek yogurt taste off with Chobani blueberry Greek yogurt...I said yes, and did what any normal non-yogurt liking human would do, and used my kiddos as tasters.

After all, kids really are the pickiest of least mine are...if my kids like it you know it is good. I enlisted Lyla, who in the past week week has eaten a handful of Cheez-its, a few bites of pasta, a crayon, and the cheese off her pizza. I also asked Jude to participate, and let me tell you he is the most honest person I know, almost too careful what you ask him...just sayin'.

The best part about this taste off? Yoplait wanted honest answers even if we liked Chobani better.!! Now that is confidence in your product!

Sooooooooo I gathered up two of my kiddos and both yogurts. I had Jude taste Yoplait first, and then Chobani. He LOVED the Yoplait. He wanted nothing to do with the Chobani and grab the spoon and finished the entire Yoplait blueberry Greek yogurt in a matter of minutes. 

Next up was Lyla. I let her taste both, and then gave her the containers to choose which one she wanted...she also went with the Yoplait. Like Jude she ate most of the container...this is a really big deal for a girl who rarely eats and mostly just throws her food on the ground. I mean that one tiny container has 9 grams of protein...9 grams.! Jackpot.

Overall the winner was YOPLAIT! The smell was sweeter, the fruit was mixed, and overall appealed more to my kiddos.

Do you like Greek yogurt?
Have you ever participated in a taste off?
Do you want to have your own Yoplait taste off? {Click HERE for details, Yoplait will even help you out. }

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beth said...

I just want to say that I love the photos of Layla with the big glasses and stocking cap on!!! I make myself eat yogurt once in a while- but I don't love it like most people. I too am a recovering picky eater. Like the pickiest of the picky!!!

: D

17 Perth said... first off, these photos are adorable!! A-dor-able! Yes, I love yogurt! But I have to admit, I but I just may need to try yoplait!

P.S. You have the cutest taste testers ever!

love, danica said...

i love greek yogurt! only if its chobain brand and has all the yummy fruit mixed in. if it's legit plain greek yogurt...not so much...unless it has three spoons of sugar in it. haha

Susan Liberatore said...

They're SO cute!
So...I LOVE greek yogurt. And I don't like Chobani at all. We don't have it here but did try it in the States.
Love me some yoplait! xo

Vicki said...

Lyla + big, honkin' pink glasses + hat = cutest thing I've seen all day!

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

I have some picky eaters as well and they loved the Yoplait!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Your little boy is so stinkin' cute!!!! Love.