Monday, January 13, 2014


Lyla is my sweet, adorable, lovely girl. She might also be the world's busiest baby. I knew she was really, really, really busy...when not one, not two, but three people last week asked me if I ever sit down or relax.

The answer is no. I never sit or relax, unless she is sleeping. Lyla is always on the go. Climbing on things, coloring on her herself, and swiping my phone are among her favorite past times. We may or may not call her tiny tornado.  I read an article a while back about activities to do with your busy toddler. Caps in a wipe case was one of the activities. I tried it. It was a hit, she loved this! 

You'll need: 

an empty wipe case

Give all of the above objects to your toddler. Show he/she that the caps go in the wipe case, and then allow them to take over. I showed Lyla once and she was like ... I got this out...or at least that is what I envisioned her saying. She has played with this over and over again...for at least 5 mins or more. Trust me 5 minutes might  not seem like much, but it is a lot in mom time. 


Susan Liberatore said...

You're brilliant! Seriously, you should design toys.

Katie said...

i agree with the previous commenter :) addilyn's new favorite "toy" is the wipes container

Because of Jackie said...

What a cute idea! I swear, the simplest things keep little ones busy, and they are never the toys we actually buy for them;)

17 Perth said...

Um. Genius. Storing this away for sure. And can I just say..I love that first photo. Her little toes are adorable.

Anonymous said...

She is to precious. I remember those days of just wanting 5 minutes of peace!!

Krystal Es said...

ha, i love this! wesley is crazy busy too...its insane. how old is lyla now? the thing that entertained wesley the most on our 10 hr plane ride was putting a toothbrush in and out of a water bottle, ha!

Leah said...

oh lyla is one of my favorite blogger babies. she's so funny!
and love the idea.