the olive tree: confession.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


confession: Every year I try and make at least one hand-made ornament with my kiddos.

confession: I like to write details of the diy process on the back of the ornaments.

confession: My kids each have a small tree in their bedrooms, that is where all the handmade ornaments get hung.

confession: I don't put handmade ornaments on the main tree the living room b/c I want that tree to match.

confession: I should get mom of the year for the previous sentence. ps. I almost deleted it.

confession: See the photo of my kiddos smiling? About 2 mins. prior I threaten to stop reading the book because no one was listening.

confession: I should get mom of the year again, for the prior statement...

confession: Elisabeth loved this project and spent 45 mins making her gingerbread girl.

confession: Jude spent the minimum amount of time making his...just enough to make me happy.

confession: Lyla tried to eat that yellow button...twice. She also colored on her foot and my face.

confession: I had answer at least 15 questions about why the wolf ate the gingerbread man. good times

confession: DIY projects can be a little crazy, but I like them. 

p.s.Gingerbread men can be found in the dollar section of Target. 


Alli said...

These are so cute and I love that you wrote on the back on the gingerbread ornament the stories of what really went down while decorating. Your kids will love revisiting these when they're older.

Susan Liberatore said...

Seriously, you kill me with these posts.
Mother of the year that you are!! Please, I do the exact.same.thing

Denise said...

i like your confession. it sounds like my life. only my three are older. i'm telling you my boy would do the minimum, my middle girl would be detailed, and the my youngest well, she'd still try to color on my face. :)

merry everything.

Erica said...

I love that you're so honest! Also, super cool that each child has their own mini tree AND your tree still matches :D