the olive tree: confession.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


{ source: The House of Braur }

confession// I tried a french macaroon for the first time ever. I did not like it, at all.

confession// I was super bummed about not liking the macaroon.

confession// I used to sit by my blue eyed boy Jude, at dinner time, and I had to move away from him because he constantly makes noises while eating. I know, I know, I should totally get mom of the year for that sentence.

confession// Now I sit by Lyla, and she screams and throws food during dinner time. I am considering moving away from her too. #momoftheyearagain

confession// I dream of simple country living, and this clothing line would make the perfect wardrobe for it.

confession// Jude tried on a jacket at the store the other day, it was very similar to the coats from this range of mens country clothing.  It  looked just like THIS.

confession// The hubs had to force Jude to try the jacket on. I am glad he did because, he seriously looked so cute. I almost couldn't stand it. I mean sooooooooo cute.

confession // The House of Bruar really makes me want to curl up by the fire, with a cozy blanket, and a huge cup of coffee...strong coffee.

confession // This made me laugh, and then I sent it to all my friends. 

Do you have anything to confess?

photo source: all photos are from The House of Bruar // cake // scarf  // labrador tee // wellingtons // socks //


Alli said...

Omg chewing noises are the worst, for real. I have given up entire meals because I couldn't handle the sounds. I think moving away from the noises is perfectly acceptable.

Trina said...

Ha ha, time away from kids usually helps my headaches too :) Confession: I moved the kids to their own little table until they can sit a little more civilized at the big table.

Jenni Price illustration said...

My kids all talk at the same time at the table so there's no getting away from loud noise-heehee!

Susan Liberatore said...

You are mother of the year in my book!
And it's funny...the older I get, the more north I want to live!! FAR AWAY. xo

Susannah said...

That top is so cute! I want to get it for myself. :-) Did you get the coat for Jude? It sounds like you should have. :-)

Krystal said...

i love the part about the noises during eating, that is so funny!! also, i don't like macaroons either, only chocolate ones. the rest taste like candles.

17 Perth said...

This is SO funny. I cannot stand it when I can hear people eating. lol. I get it--totally get it. haha. And I am obsessed with that lab shirt. Obsessed. And I will be your neighbor in the woods. Sounds wonderful!

Care said...

lol oh man the Jude thing made me laugh:) you are to much fun! also- I don't like those things in your pic, i down right LOVE them!:) good style lady... good stuff.