Sunday, August 11, 2013

summer recap

summer ends this week. my sweet girl goes back to school. i know most of you said kindergarten was a tough change, and it gets easier. liars. you are all liars. the start of first grade is prevailing to be just as bad as the start of kindergarten (for me). so we spent the last few weeks really trying to soak up the last bit of memories summer had to offer.

here is a little recap: we went to union station, had a goonies party, fed baby goats (possibly my favorite summer memory) we went to jesse james's house, jude may or may not have broken jesse james's porch. we mastered the sling shot. we learned that nerds and ice cream do not mix, puddle jumpers might be the best invention ever, and how to tie shoes. elisabeth joined the swim team, we cheered her on, and she has the ribbons to prove it. we celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and the fourth of july in style. We traveled to a wedding, to kansas, and to iowa. we learned iowa is a state not a country... we saw the bridges of madison county ... well we saw one bridge of madison county...just one. we had sleepovers with cousins and water balloon fights. we attempted to go to the to the movies not once but twice. we left the movies not once but twice (b/c of motion sickness and a cranky baby) we grew cucumbers, tomatoes, flowers, and more. we went to the zoo, and d' bronx, and big t's (and sorry KC folks but this place is better than oklahoma joes) we went bowling for the first time ever. we spent endless hours painting, reading, and talking about jesus on the porch. we consumed enough popsicles to feed a small village, and caught a countless number of fireflies (in mason jars, of course.) and last but not least we filled the rest of our free time swimming until our fingers could wrinkle no more.

so tell me what was your favorite summer memory? 


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

My son is starting Kindergarten next month and I am just not mentally or emotionally prepared yet. I get blubbery just thinking about it. :(

But I love that you guys have accomplished so much this summer!!

Tammy Bauer said...

Loved your blog Christina!! Reminds me of my summers when the kids were young. So my favorite summer memory is all the fun Thursday nights I have spent this summer with my daughter and best girlfriend at Hot, Country Nights at Power & Light. I love going to listen to good music, have met a lot of country artists (I have the pictures to prove it) and enjoyed all the new people I have met along the way. I guess you could say I am doing things that I was suppose to do in my 20's and 30's (which I didn't because of having 3 little ones at home and a husband who worked alot of hours so I could stay home with them). I did watch some beautiful sunrises/sunsets and enjoy working in the sunshine all day for the landscaping company.
Congrats on what will be wonderful memories for your children and you! :)

bandofbrothers said...

great pics of your adorable family!

sounds like ya'll did a ton!

yay to talking about Jesus on the porch:)

we love puddle jumpers too!

my fav part of summer was sleeping in. ah. gonna miss that.

Susan Liberatore said...

Seriously friend, how gorgeous are your children?????
Looks like you had a blast and more impo, made so many memories.
My fave...hmmm...I might say our trip to the Toronto Zoo to see the pandas from China. Pretty amazing.

Leah said...

can't believe how fast summer flew by! it's kind of sad. however, i'm sure your kids will remember summers like these. sounds like a wonderful, fun packed summer!

Jenni Price Pancake Art said...

Your girls look so much like you!

We only saw like 2 fireflies this year so we couldn't catch any but my son currently has a tiny frog in a mason jar :)

Valerie Stewart said...

Our summer...we spent a few weeks of it in Iowa with family. Went to Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun several times. Went swimming a few times with a really awesome friend and her awesome kiddos and wrinkled our fingers and toes :-). Went to Vacation Bible School (she loved it). Tried to soak up as much sun as we could. No fireflies though...seems like they are all over at your house and not mine. Had several birthdays and lots of cupcakes.

Kelly said...

Sounds like an incredibly awesome summer! And I really feel like I need to know more about Jude breaking Jesse James' porch. Hugs to you friend. I know how hard it is to send your babes back to school.

Trina said...

What fun pictures of summer!