Wednesday, June 12, 2013

devotinoal wednesday.

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you have turned my mourning into dancing /// psalms 30:11

I have heard this verse a thousand times. I have sang the song. I have used this verse to comfort others. But the other day I felt God slightly tug at my heart with this verse. You see, a while back I had a season of mourning, a season of tears, a season of hurt, and loss. I never once questioned God about my situation ... but I trusted that he would turn my mourning in to dancing. 

My dancing came in the form of my youngest daughter, Lyla.

my sweet lyla girl.

She is such a joy. Her joy is infections and contagious. The simple fact is if things had gone the way I had wanted them to, I wouldn't have her. End of story. I took me a while to see the joy after the sorrow, but I see it very clearly now. So thankful today for Gods presence in my life, and for his hand over situations I sometimes can't understand, and more importantly for turning my mourning into dancing.


17 Perth said...

I needed this so much today. Thank you! It is a great reminder, that even though we may not understand---His plans are far better than we could imagine! What a blessing He gave you...and it makes me so so encouraged! Thank you!

beth said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

I love this post so much- God does turn our mourning into dancing doesn't he?

God Bless YOU!!!!!


Susan Liberatore said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you are doing something special today. I would totally bake you a cake. Know it.

And, this post comes at a great time. My gf's father is gravely ill...I don't know how to turn what could be mourning into dancing but I can tell you that I am doing my best to not complain about anything insignificant and appreciate each moment.

Ashlea with an a said...

love this post! My little girls help me remember to dance as well!

Happy birthday!

Care said...

This is my favorite verse!! do you mind if I use it for instrfram? Just beautiful!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!!! Keep dancing. Love ya friend!!!

Tabitha said...

Such a great quote. I've never seen it before but so true.

Leah said...

amen. praise, praise Him for it. and happy birthday sweet friend, enjoy every minute of it!!

Trina said...

So beautiful!

Allison said...

Such a fun, creative, and God-filled blog! Looking forward to reading your blog!