Thursday, May 2, 2013

what's on my...

{ source  + where to purchase = country first direct

mind:  wellies. oh the fact that is need the above jacket b/c we are getting snow in may. yes, snow.

nightstand: a lamp, framed photo of the littles, a sippy cup of milk, and a baby monitor

playlist: need to breathe pandora radio station and ingrid (she makes lyla stop crying in the car)

lap: a beautiful bouncy brown eyed girl, and a piece of banana she smashed into my pants

wish list: the above stripey wellies. 

kids wish list: the above glow in the dark wellies. (ok that might be my wish list still)

what's on your.....?

*the above featured goodies can be found at country first direct... and most are of these items are on sale!!!


Susan Liberatore said...

Well now, I NEED the jacket and the striped wellies too!
Oh and Ava needs the little Hunters...or is that me as well?
Sorry about the banana friend, I know how you feel about them to begin with! lol

17 Perth said...

I love that jacket--and I am SO sorry you need it right now! Seriously snow in may?! What!? And i love this little series. Sooo..
Mind: I need to take off this toenail polish.soon. LOL
Wishlist: New sunglasses.
Playlist: rend collective experiment (need to breathe is one of my top favorites too! Along with mumford & sons and gungor)
Lap; Laptop. ;)
Nightstand: Lots of chapstick, books, magazines, change, and ponytail holders. lol.

beth said...

ummmm..yeah it's my birthday on Sunday and I couldn't think of any thing I wanted till I saw this jacket and boots!!! haha
you have such good taste!

Kelly said...

all of these are so cute. i wish i needed wellies. we've been having the driest year.

Jenni Price said...

I totally wish I could have some rain boots too but I'm too cheap to buy them. They are like never, never, ever on sale. Why? It's not like it's always rain season! *Sigh* Those are some super cute ones you picked out!

Purposely at Home said...

need to breathe has a pandora station?? totally checking that one those guys.

i hope you have a happy week. :)


Katie said...

i want a pair of rainboots so badly!! I just need to find a pair that is cheap and cute! :)

Denise said...

cute wellies. kind of makes me wish it were raining here...kind of.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

that jacket = LOVE!
And both the wellies are so cute, especially the glow in the dark ones (except I'd like it in hot pink). hehehehe