Thursday, April 4, 2013

may or may not.

{ source + where to buy = urban dream photos }

we may or may not call elisabeth "the informer"

we may or may not call her that because she is really honest and likes to tell us what is going down (aka tattle)  /// or it may or may not be because of this. (1:24)

we may or may not  have called jude "the suspect."

we may or may not have called him that because he was usually the one causing the trouble

we may or may not have stopped calling him that b/c he is growing up and doesn't cause as much trouble as he used to ;) 
we may or may not now call him "the enforcer" that may or may not be b/c of his size (the kid is a beast)

we may or may not call lyla "the investigator"

we may or may not call her that because she is into everything... i repeat // into everything

we may or may not really love our little informer, enforcer, and investigator /// they may or may not keep us on our toes


Valerie Stewart said...

I love this!!! Always brings a smile to my face :-)

17 Perth said...

Your may or may not posts may or may not be my favorite. :) Love this. Hope you are having a great week with your crew....they certainly sound like fun!

Kelly said...

hahaha! bill cosby is the best. he's been brought up by both of my parents this week when i was tell each of them separately stories about the boys.
My youngest throughout his day is all of the fore-mentioned...informer, suspect, investigator.

thanks for this funny today.
isn't being a parent THE BEST!!! ;)

Leah said...

so cute! love the little nicknames you've given them. so much fun!

Katie said...

love your nicknames! :)

Care said...

haha love it:) Also love the get lost photo- beautiful words and pic!

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

I adore your posts!

Susan Liberatore said...

This made me lol! As usual.
I love these posts. Have I told you that before?
Look who can comment!!! ME!! xo