Wednesday, March 20, 2013

devotional wednesday.

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I was listening to the song worlds apart by jars of clay.

There is a small verse in the song that goes like this: /// serve the ones that i despise ///

serve. I could feel the spirit start to move. serve. I started to have a very heavy heart. serve. serve. serve. You see I don't have a problem with serving people, I serve often. I did however start to feel convicted about my attitude while serving others. Not only do I need to serve others, but I need to do it with a cheerful heart. Afterall, Christ served me in the ultimate way, via the cross, the least I can do is give back with out grumbling.

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace" 1 peter 4:10 *evs


17 Perth said...

Oh this is so good.....Exactly what I needed today. Thank you for the reminder!

michelle @ this little light said...

YES! I was thinking the same thing about myself, Christina. I serve all the time, but I could use work on doing so cheerfully in some situations. Thank you as always for this encouraging reminder. xo

Leah said...

when you said about Christ serving with a cheerful heart while He died for me, my heart smiled. to know that He died happily for me, surrendering everything for me. so beautiful of Him.

bandofbrothers said...

love the simplicity of the message! we certainly are privileged to serve. if our serving capabilities were taken away(say we lost use of our legs) i think we would yearn to serve. i know for me, i can take my ability to serve for granted at times! but truly it's an honor.

and one more thing. if serving was always FUN FUN, it wouldn't be a sacrifice. sometimes it's just a matter of obeying. i had to clean up after a stray cat today. he barfed on my deck and pooped on the carpet in my garage. i practically retched while cleaning it up. but i didn't want it to sit there all day for my husband to have to deal with. so i wasn't particulary pumped about cleaning it...i guess in those times of serving, we just have to ask God to change our hearts and make the task bearable.

Katie said...

what a good reminder that your attitude can play the most important part - you can do the things you should but have to have a cheerful attitude! i want to be more of a servant!