Wednesday, February 6, 2013

devotional wednesday

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Last week at our bible study we were talking about the armor of god. I started talking about how in the footnotes of my study bible it wrote about how strong and durable the roman armor was. My very wise father in law was very quick to point out that we should all wear the armor god calls us to wear.  

one size does not fit all. 

My armor is not your armor and vise versa. We all are made to fit a different mold (psalms 139:14) my gifts and calling require one set of armor /// while yours might require a something totally different. 

My shield might be different than your shield /// and so on. We all need a shield of faith (and all the other parts of the armor ) , we just need the one that works best with us.

point in case: David (as pointed out by the hub's dad)  he did not fit into the soldiers gear when about to battle Goliath /// he removed it and went for the old sling and stone. (1 samuel 17:50)

What armor are you wearing today?
What are your thoughts about the armor of god?
Do you feel there is a  spiritual battle going on? (i sure do)


17 Perth said...

This is so weird--I am currently doing a study of David and literally just left bible study where we were talking about the Amor of God....and having confidence in Him through all things. Trusting that His armor is enough. I am a "doer" and a "fixer", but I realize that my faith has to be in His strength and not in my own. Mine pales in comparison. His truths are my armor.

Purposely at Home said...

what great and amazing thoughts for this wednesday. :)


michelle @ this little light said...

Without a doubt there's a spiritual battle going on ... and I love that you too are teaching your children from an early age how to fight it in their own way.

LOVE that poster ... gotta check out the source. I'd like to frame it for The Boy's room.

Katie said...

i don't think i've ever thought of that before. I love that each of us have different armor that is fit for what we need. thanks for sharing that!

Sophie said...

<3 LOVE. <3

Vicki said...

We all need shield of faith and a wall of protection, for sure. Love the retro awesomeness of that print!

Trina | said...

I never thought about the armor of God being personally fitted for each of us. I love that.

Denise said...

great insight.
helmet of truth. i ALWAYS need that on.
regarding spiritual battle-
beth moore says,"we go from being of interest to satan, to a concern, and then a threat." i agree.
i also know that there is no equal opposite to God. God's might trumps satan's every time. and i know that power is mine in Christ Jesus. the "God of peace will crush satan underneath my feet."