Monday, January 14, 2013

birthday diy's

{ photo source + source  = innove }

I've got a birthday girl this week. 

I love birthdays. love. yours, mine, doesn't really matter whose. 

Time to get the birthday planning started!

I have a board on pinterest just for party ideas.
I may or may not have a whole board just for cakes.

I love the idea for making tassel streamers click HERE for a diy tutorial.

How cute is this idea for serving donuts?

see oh happy day for a step by step on how to make your own pinata using a box.

click here for a list of places that give you freebies on your birthday. 

Elisabeth decide she wants an ice cream bar, just like this /who am I to argue with the birthday girl??

do you like birthdays?
p.s. any american girl  doll owner out there? I want to know are they really worth it?


Purposely at Home said...

yay for bithdays!
and double yay for american girl dolls!! i have Samantha. i know i've had her for at least 15 years and she is still alive. :) if they're taken care of, those dolls last FOREVER! i think every little girl needs at least one american girl doll. ;)
i hope you're having a happy day.


danica + stephen said...

i can barely make a regular cake! but that looks pretty awesome

Katie said...

that cake is so cute!!

17 Perth said...

I definitely love birthdays! And I certainly love all of the ideas listed above. How cute are those tassels? I think it might be a must. Happy planning!!

michelle @ this little light said...

I LOVE my birthday. I seriously work it into conversations the week before, not because I want gifts, I just love the sound of “Happy Birthday!” and having my own private little holiday. I have no issues about growing older.

See how I did that? My birthday’s Saturday, and once again, I’ve been talking it up. Yay to us January babies! xo

Susan said...

I WANT AN ICE CREAM BAR!!!! ok sorry. Got a little carried away.
Such cute ideas on your board...I repinned a few since ms Ava's bd is coming in March.
Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! xo

Alexa said...

Yummy! Love birthdays! Just celebrated my 32nd! :)

Susannah said...

I love birthdays too!!! They're the best.

I got an American Girl doll about fifteen years ago and still have her. I got a second one for myself twelve years ago and still have her as well. All my sisters have dolls and love them still. I'd say they're a wonderful investment.

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

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Krystal said...

i'm always looking for good party display ideas, thanks for the links!