Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So, Elisabeth asked for an art table for Christmas.

She may or may not have gotten it.
 It looks a bit like a drafting table, I wanted something she could grow into.
I did not however come with a chair.

I stumbled across bar stools...ever heard of them?

I originally was looking for a chair for e's desk, like this hot pink one.

but, then these bright orange beauties caught my eye. They sure do beat the look of the good old ones for target, and the price's at bar stools are seriously great!

oh, and they take paypal///bonus!


The Weir House said...

I have the first stool in hot pink! So retro. I love it! It broke, though, when a really big dude sat on it. Hmm.. :(

Jess said...

i love the 1st one!

Wanda Lewis said...

I just had to buy some stools for my house. 6 bar stools 4 of one kind and 2 of another. I ended up getting some galvanized steel ones with backs on them for the kitchen and some target tufted cloth ones for the downstairs wetbar in charcoal. I know your pain when shopping for these. there are SO many and they come in so many different prices..... i totally picked these 3 out among others and was shot down by daren. lol i did not see the orange though, or the pink. i love them. !