Thursday, September 20, 2012

letters from harvey.

Dear Dad (aka hubs) 

I am sorry I mistook that lightbulb in your hand for food, I honestly thought you were bring me a treat. I am also sorry for dunking my head in water and then shaking it right by yours. I though changing a light bulb looked liked hard work and maybe you needed a cool down.?

While I am apologizing. Tell mom I'm sorry for eating another book. I heard you guys talking about how you wished I was a tad bit I thought I would gain some knowledge. Apparently eating a book is not the same as reading one. 

Note to self: eating books is frowned upon in this house.

Hey remember that time when I was a puppy and I dug a hole through the drywall in the garage and then tunneled my way through the wall? I then proceed to take down all the garland and christmas lights on the banister... yeahhhhh good times. good times. 

Anyhoo... If you get some free time today I would love to sit on your lap and snuggle...I will pencil you in ... around 6-ish...? I'll be waiting! 


p.s. Hutch says hi. He is to busy being perfect to write you a letter.


Kelly said...

laughing out loud.
hims so cute!

i think harvey and my duke would get along well. duke believes it to be necessary to bark all night at bugs when dads not home. because you know, clearly a bug is the same as a robber.

Susan said...

Oh if only they could talk! (which btw I am convinced they do when there are no humans around)
he's a beautiful dog.

Daisy said...

Hahaha, What a cutie! If dogs could talk...

Krystal said...

this is so cute :) it sounds like he's improved since a puppy though!!

danica + stephen said...

just started following, hello!

bandofbrothers said...

omyword. that is so sweet and funny. it's like it can see into his heart and soul. he means well, doesn't he.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh!! Best blog post I've read in quite a while! Tell Harvey he's got a fan (that face!).

Katie @ minivan diva said...

So funny and look at the face!

JEsika said...

This beats recent Friday Letters, I Love Harvey already.
I hope to own a BFF Dog in a couple years (when my daughter is old enough) and I hope HArvey can help us out! :)
I just put your button on my blog !

Katie said...

this is cute! :) although I'm sure the eaten books was not so cute!

17 Perth said...

Oh my gosh---this is hysterical! I have book eaters too. :)