Thursday, August 23, 2012

ignorance is bliss.

{ source: twisted twig

ignorance is bliss ~ Thomas Gray

yep ignorance is bliss...

Hubs, I could have done with out knowing THESE (don't look...don't do it!) gross worms are on our tomato plants... seriously gross...looks like I'll be letting Jude pick all the tomatoes from now on :)

Panera Bread, I could have done with out knowing how many calories we in your everything bagel ... I was perfectly happy thinking it was around 300. 

Do you know when Ignorance is not bliss? When you threaten to lock your children in chokey while shopping at the store...Hello, I dont actually have a chokey...but if I did...just kidding. It is from the book people not read anymore? 

p.s. how unbelievably amazing are those letters?!?  


Kelly said...

i make my youngest son pick the tomatoes for that very reason. i am deathly afraid of tomato worms.

i need a new book to read. suggestions?

those letters are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

lol. our oldest is not only reading Matilda....we watched the movie last night. never even heard the word "chokey" before this movie.

kaylee@life chasers said...

So um, I wish there was a chokey. My trip to Target today was that awful to almost make me never want to go again with the girls (almost).

Denise said...

cute letters. very cute.

this little tidbit might make you feel better about the bagel- "it takes 32 bagels to equal the fat in one croissant." (learned that in a camp kitchen i worked in years ago).
you're welcome. :-)

Katie said...

i sure wish bagels were healthy for you! and love the book matilda!

Susan said...

Seriously amazing!
And know that I looked. I had to. eeek.

How sweet it is said...

Amaze balls! I love them!! And holy cow I could have done without knowing those calories as well!

Anonymous said...

Aw poor tomato plants! :(

ginanorma said...


and yes those letters rock!