Thursday, May 24, 2012

iced mocha coconut coffee.

{source + how to make = how sweet it is}

so far today I have:

changed 2 diapers/ folded and started 2 loads of laundry/ picked up the house/ made the beds/ dressed 3 kids/ made breakfast/ cleaned up breakfast/ fed a baby a bottle/ set up arts and crafts/ fed the dogs/been spit up on/ changed my clothes/ changed the baby's clothes/ and read 3 children's books

wheeewww...and it is not even 9 am...where's the coffee?

what have you been up to this fine morning?


Steph said...

wow, that looks divine!!! If I had that now, this early Thursday morning, I would so be on top of things! (NOT!) My boys are sick... I'm getting sick, but the eldest, she's fine and I still need to take her to school every morning! I would love this cup of deliciousness you have pictured up there... Happy Thursday to you!

Joy Kinard said...

Sister, you have me beat.

Thea Nelson said...

What have I been up to this morning? Coveting that a-maz-ing looking coconut mocha! :)

Anonymous said...

Phew that made me tired just reading it!!

Susan said...

I would do just about anything to have one of those with you right now.

So far today I have:
made the bed/gave Ava a bottle/got her dressed/got me dressed/made 2 lunches/dropped the kids at school/did a coffee run/gave Ava breakfast/spoke to the pediatrician/emptied the closet of my winter sweaters/ironed 2 pairs of golf shorts for my hubby/and entered approx 3 cool blog giveaways

Now enter mine from yesterday! You will prob win again lucky girl. :)

Are you impressed? Because you should be. ;)

Mamasita said...

Holy Moses girlfriend!!!! You are one busy mama! WAY TO GO!
I had a similar coconut beverage on Tuesday on our way to ECFE! It was AMAAAAAZING! And blended! Makes me want one right now!
Love your new banner design :) Looks GREAT!
We have had a ridiculous amount of rain in the past 24 hours, so praying we can get outside SOON!
Happy Thursday!

Kelly said...

oh my goodness! some days are crazy. sending restful wishes your way.

Alyss said...

Supermom! Dang girl. Dang.

17 Perth said...

Whew!! That is a lot girl. I hear ya--I am tired just reading it! Hope you found time to make that tasty treat today--it looks awesome!

17 Perth said...

By the way--Love your new header!

ginanorma said...


that drink looks insane, as in mad insane good.

love the new logo!

Anonymous said...

That .... looks delicious!

Valley Girl said...

I could just sit and look at that coffee...allllll...daaaaaay....loooong. Thank you for that.

Trina {Beginner Beans} said...

Wow! Go you! And that coffee sounds delicious!