Thursday, May 3, 2012


{source + where to buy = peanut oak print}

On my mind this Thursday:

Dirty Dancing...I am fairly certain I watched this movie almost everyday.

I can't believe my mom let me watch that movie everyday.

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack just might be the best soundtrack ever.

I carried a watermelon.

love is strange.

Were you a fan of the movie? ...favorite line? ...favorite song?


Anonymous said...

Love this!
My mom always says 'I carried a watermelon'
My fav line is 'spaghetti arms!!'
Also not sure why my mom let me watch this so much - don't think I really understood what all was going on until I was much older ha!

Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

Our superbowl party stuck around well after the game to watch the last half of Dirty Dancing that was on TV. We were all glued to the tv like we had never seen it before. It really might be the best soundtrack of all time for sure. And one of the best karaoke songs to duet with your friend who loves an audience!

Kelly said...

oh my gosh the whole movie is my favorite. baaaybaaay my sweet baaaybaaay.

this is seriously the best post ever. you took me back. so many memories of my childhood just flooded my mind.

thanks. love ya!

Mamasita said...

pretty sure i watched that movie on repeat!!!!! loved it. amen.
my favorite part is when they go to the woods and dance on the large tree/bridge! AND when she practices her moves to the song "wipeout" on the steps! Genius!

17 Perth said...

Oh yes! Huge fan of the movie--the soundtrack--loved it.

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Of course I am a fan - I don't actually know any girls who aren't! My best friend was an even bigger fan though, she even named her dog Baby!

Alexa said...

OMG. Love that print.

Anonymous said...

I watched this movie so many times growing up! I made my younger sister sick of it, but she ended up buying me the DVD copy a few years back. I don't know what it is about this movie. My favorite scene is the end.

Susan Liberatore said...

LOVE this movie! I can't remember how many times I saw it. Patrick Swayze *sigh*.
I still can't believe he's gone.
Or that you, YOU won my giveaway!!!!! xoxoxo

Raquel said...

I love Dirty Dancing & this print, so cute!

Denise said...

when i think about the movies my mother and t.v. my mother allowed me to watch?!? yikes.

i did like this movie, but footloose was my favorite. best soundtrack, ever!

Adrian said...

A little while back my husband bought us tickets to see the play...the movie was better because, lets face it, no one can top Patrick. So yes, I love it.