Thursday, May 17, 2012

bubble gum, bubble gum

{ source + where to buy = kali laine photography}

On my mind:


*We have a cookie jar in our house, but it is not filled with cookies it is filled with gum.

*Hubs is a huge gum lover, a trait Elisabeth took on as well.

* Elisabeth and I play bubble gum, bubble gum in a many pieces do you wish?

*Do you remember in school when you would pull out a pack of gum and suddenly everyone is your best friend?

*In Jr. high if we got caught chewing gum in gym class we had to go around school and scrape up gum and bring it back to the teacher...I scraped a lot of gum...I am also sure that had to break some kind of health codes...right?

Elisabeth's favorite gum is tridents strawberry layers and bubble tape.

This is mine.

Do you like gum? What's your favorite?


Tori said...

So cute!

Joy Kinard said...

I very rarely chew gum, but when I do it's Trident in the blue.

It makes me happy.

Jessica said...

i can chew gum for a total of two minutes before i feel the need to spit it out....sometimes less. just can't do it no matter how hard i try.

17 Perth said...

Okay--that is disgusting and kind of hilarious! Haha. I do love I mostly stick to spearmint...boring I know. But--occasionally I go all out with some serious bubble gum....and I have to admit--growing up, I was a huge big league chew fan too.

Susan said...

Scraping gum? That is beyond gross!!
I love gum. And prefer mine very sweet. Kinda like you do. I remember that gum!!

Heather said...

I love gum, too! When I worked in an office, I was really a gum lover. Now I notice I don't chew it as much :) BUT I do love Trident White! xo

Denise said...

i totally forgot that little childhood rhyme.

a bubble gum container! what a fun idea.

favorite bubble gum... bubbalicious watermelon. it's been YEARS since i've had it. i should have it.

theolivetree said...

Not boring at all..if it isn't bubble gum mint is all I chew :)