Monday, February 13, 2012


{source + where to buy = the trend boutique}

{source + where to buy =}

I love Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays.

I dropped the ball on decorating for Valentines day this year. I even bought decor last year when it went on sale...yikes. I've still got a few more days...right?

this is a pretty cute idea.

I am thinking of doing Elisabeth's hair like this.

click HERE for free downloadable valentines.

p.s. woke up to snow this morning...enough to finally build a snowman.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I LOVE Valentine's Day too!! So much fun. Those little flats with the heart are just too cute!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Ha you should TOTALLY do her hair like that! I love it!!

Happy V-day!


ginanorma said...

Suuper cute!!! My daughter has that same shirt but it says I {heart} Jesus, I love it!

Vintage Precious said...

Snow! Wow, it is finally nice enough here to turn off the heater. Stay warm and cozy!! :)

Susan said...

The candles! Remember the candy corn Halloween ones? Too cute.
And the hair ~ adorable.
Happy Valentine's Day! xo

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Must. Have. These. Shoes.


Raquel said...

Those flats are fantastic!!!

katygirl said...

Love those shoes!!!

Kelly said...

i love the sweatshirt. actually anything wildfox makes my heart skip a beat.