Tuesday, February 21, 2012

dear baby.

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Dear baby,

I haven't met you but I love you already.
Just like your sister and brother you don't like it when I lay on my right side.
You love Dr.pepper ... and will have to learn that soda is a treat, not an everyday drink.

If your taking suggestions I would prefer for you to stay cooking for at least 5 more weeks, be a non-puke-er and a non-colic baby. It would also be great if maybe you had dark hair...then you might look like me ...unlike your older siblings...but as long as your healthy I don't really care above any of the above.

We are pretty sure you finally have a name...It has to come from a song so...it will most likely be This ... if not that then This.


p.s. last night we talked about a few more names...so maybe you don't have a name yet.
Know any songs that have girls names in them?


Jami said...

so exciting! picking names is the hardest thing ever ;)

EarthLab said...

What a sweet post. Good luck with your new baby, and thanks for featuring my pillow : )

Kelly said...

both are beautiful names.
Hey there delilah.

we followed hubby's family trdition in naming the boys i really had no say but, their names are fitting. i had free reign on a girls name... maybe we'll adopt so i can pick a name. now i just gotta convince my hubby.

Charlotte said...

So cute! These are lovely names too.. I really love the name Amelia for a girl

I hope your baby is happy and healthy and has dark hair. It clearly already has great taste in soda.. Dr pepper rules!

Susan said...

I'm putting my vote in for Lyla. My gf just had a Lyla...love that name.

How about Runaround Sue? I kid. xo

Anonymous said...

Choosing names is a tough thing. I love that Eric Clapton song, 'Layla.' It's sweet. Anyways thank you for passing by, I do love that pillow. xo

Mamasita said...

Ohhhhh BABY!!!!!!!! You are so close to meeting the babycakes!!! I am so excited for you friend!
Picking a baby name is sooo tricky - Good luck! :)
Lots of love,
p.s. so far my ikabag has been AMAZING and totally up to the challenge of being durable!!!

Alexa said...

Aww so sweet! Love Lyla the best! :)

Erin said...

AW so excited for that sweet girl to come! :) So exciting! :)

stephanie said...

awe i love this. so sweet!!!!

Erin said...

this is precious :) you are such a sweet mother! that pillow is so unique and cute!

Flor said...

ohhh you're getting close!! how exciting!
i loved your sweet love note to your baby.. and i loved your requests, lol :)

Craft E Magee said...

That's so sweet! Thanks for checking out my blog. I have to say that I've read your blog and it gave me an overwhelming desire to drink Dr. Pepper! :)

Adrian said...

I love Cecilia! That song is one of my favorites.
My sister is named after The Pure Prairie League's song "Amy". Just one more for your list.

Stephanie said...

This is the sweetest post i have read lately. I'm a little behind times..so have y'all settled on a name?! I love either of those!