Tuesday, November 15, 2011

may or may not.

{ source + how to = southern living)

I may or may not be stalking baby names.

We may or may not own a silver tinsel tree.

Elisabeth may or may not have talked hubs into putting the silver tree up on Sunday.

Jude may or may not have gotten into the pantry & devoured almost half a package of girl scout cookies before I caught him.

I may or may not have laughed at his chocolate covered face instead of disciplining him.

I may or may not be craving Dr. Pepper like it is going out of style.

~Happy Tuesday~

Anything you may or may not be up to today?


Ashlyn said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!
i love this idea!

& i have been picking out baby names forever.. i evee have a spread sheet & i am not even engaged ;)

happy tuesday!

Heather said...

oh baby names!!

you and me both, sisteR! ;)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

A silver tree sounds so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I may or may not be DESPERATE TO PUT UP MY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!! LoL Especially after hearing about the silver tinsel tree you may or may not have put up!!

Anonymous said...

PS: I kind of love this may or may not idea!

stephanie said...

ha! love this. my girl get's into the snacks in the pantry WAY to often! but it's hard not to laugh at when you find them covered in crumbs! xo

Kelly said...

i may or may not be making those pumpkins. so cute!

what names are your favorite so far???

17 Perth said...

Hahaha. Too funny. I may or may not have asked my husband if putting up a tree this weekend is too early. I may or may not selfishly want to make chocolate chip cookies to "surprise" my husband tonight. I may or may not have made a batch of stuffing today to "practice" for thanksgiving. :)
Have a good one.

Chelsea said...

Haha I am too excited- I got paid today and need to make a trip to JoAnn's to buy crafty supplies for Christmas decorations.

Oh, and I can buy more Dr Pepper, because I also may or may not have a slight addiction to it.

jodi said...

sounds like you're in a special place - a gorgeous little boy and another on the way. Precious

Susan said...

I may or may not be a little envious that you get to welcome a new little sweet thing into your life soon. And I may or may not be a lot envious that you have girl guide cookies in the house.
How far away from you am I again?

Erin said...

I may or may not be envious of the fact that you have girl scout cookies in your pantry...or I guess maybe you don't anymore! ;)

Baby names! So exciting!!

Alexa said...

Jude knows where it's at. Ha.

Valley Girl said...

Well, let's see. It IS nap time right now at my house...and a there may or MAY NOT be a baby sleeping...hmmmmm.

Baby names...good times right there. It's just so much pressure, saddling a person with a name that they will have to lug around with them for the rest of their life...oh the PRESSURE! We have three girls and one of them is named Elliot. That's right...traditionally a boys name...but not at our house (we clearly had run out of traditional girl options)! She is the coolest, funkiest chick you have ever met and totally rocks her name. Good luck with the naming game.

Raquel said...

Oh that pumpkin cake first of all! Yum, good luck with the baby names. I believe you may be doing that ; ) I may or may not be making my Christmas list. Also I want to invite you over to my Horses & Heels Facebook page on November 25th to promote & tag your shop!

Anonymous said...

Jude is a lucky boy to have such a pushover for a mama! ;0) I would have done the same thing. Little boys are too cute.