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Thursday, September 8, 2011

no! never!

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Jude really knows how to make you feel loved. He loves to give hugs, sit on your lap,and snuggles up really really close ... but then this happened:

me: "Jude! come give me a kiss!"

Jude: In his best pirate voice ... " NO! never!"

What?! At the tender age of two I am no longer allowed to give him kisses?

So of course I scooped him up and gave him tons...


Anonymous said...

Love this post! Simple and sweet and SO true with boys!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I love the cupcake sign :) And Jude always puts a smile on my face via your posts!

Alexa said...

Haha as you should! :)

hannah singer said...

i love that hair. and the cupcake sign-awesome!
little boys are so funny!!


Anonymous said...

1) I would die for that dress.
2) I have that hairstyle pinned.
3) Yes to cupcakes. Keep em comin!
4) Those shoes are the cutest ever!!!
5) Boys... gotta love em!

Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

haha, my son has never given kisses to anyone...I swear he is the only baby that never went through that phase :(

I am loving your inspiration, especially those cute little booties, I'm feeling like I need to spruce up my sewing skills and make a pair myself!

kinze said...

haha love it ... i do the same with my son!

Anonymous said...

Sooo sweet! I foresee my little guy being exactly like this when he gets older :)

Anonymous said...

I hugged my 10 year old in front of one of his friends the other day, and he let out a "moooooom" and I just squeezed him and said "tough, get used to this kind of embarassment". His friend laughed at us and said "yea dude, my mom does the same thing. lame"

Does my heart good to know that one day...they will remember that moment and how not lame it was.

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love those little shoes! :) and i guess i should cherish these moments i suppose where my little guy still loves cuddling! the age of two will come faster than i know!

Flor said...

yummy, a cupcake sounds good right about now..
and those little booties are so stinkin' cute!
haha! your son sounds just like my daughter (no!never!). You handled it well :)

Jenni Price illustration said...

Such a gorgeous blue dress-very stunning for sure!

Two year olds! They sure do like to show some independence :)

Raquel said...

No, never! That is adorable... kids. My little niece refused to say bye to me last night as I was leaving but when her mom said "say bye to the horses" she shouted bye horses! Ha, priorities lol

Lori said...

Love this post :) cupcakes sound good right about now..

Susan said...

I am completely in love with the dress. Perfection.