Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Dear home grown tomatoes,

I love you. I love you cut up with sea salt. I love you with cucumbers, on hamburgers, with feta cheese. I love you the most on BLT's ... especially with home made bread and fresh spinach instead of lettuce. I feel that with summer slowing fading I won't have much time left with you...ahhhh.

Love ,

p.s. About 5 years ago I refused to eat tomatoes. Hubs introduced me to the home grow kind (so different!) and I introduced him to the world of sweets...I think it was a fair trade.

Do you love tomatoes?


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Yes! I LOVE tomatoes. When I was younger I would eat them like apples. I love them home-grown. There's nothing like's like sunshine in your mouth. SO GOOD! I like to roast them in oil and vinegar.

Melissa said...

I LOOOVE tomatoes! I used to only eat them with cottage cheese, but now I hate cottage cheese and so I only eat them plain. My daughter loves cherry tomatoes (I have no idea where she gets it) so I hope she keeps up her love for them. They remind me so much of summer:)

Abbie said...

Yep, I'm a pretty big tomato fan myself (and nothing beats the homegrown variety). I'll have to try your BST idea as I'm not a huge fan of the lettuce version (I usually have just a BT with extra T, and I'm good to go!).

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I featured one of your Etsy headbands on my 5 Things Thursday today. Feel free to grab a button if you want!

Have a thrilling Thursday! : )

Ashley said...

I have a tomato obsession. My fave ways are with mozzerella and balsamic viniger or just eat like an apple with some salt and lemon juice... so good.


Patchie said...

They are my favorite! We grow them every year and I'll go steal a couple on my way out the door to work and have them as a snack at some point during the day. So good!

The Cisneros Family! said...

Okay, lately I've been on a MAJOR tomato kick... Tomatos + Sea Salt = And thank you for the sweet comment from yesterday!

Valley Girl said...

I honestly think there is nothing out there that compares to a home grown, brilliant red, juice, still warm from the sun, tomato. Just had some in an omelet this morning...just the BEST!

Cailan said...

A very fair trade, indeed! ;)

Katie*Belle said...

Great photos, and I totally agree! With homemade bread and spinach ... perfect!

17 Perth said...

Yes maam....I love love love home grown tomatoes!! They are so much better! We eat A LOT this time of year--and I too will be sad to see them go...but will enjoy them until then. : )

Susan said...

I'm married to an italian.
Not loving the tomato is not an option!

Anonymous said...

I DO love tomatoes! Isn't it amazing how different home grown ones taste compared to store bought? I grew up weeding my parents' tomato garden...I love them raw, fried, salted, on hamburgers, salads, in tacos, stir-fried....tomatoes are the bomb!!

kayla rotola said...

i love tomatoes too! and my italian husband does not like tomatoes. or cheese.

he may not really be italian.... : )

Raquel said...

Aha! That is what I will do with my tomatoes! We are having a tomato surplus right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!