Friday, August 26, 2011

they say it's your birthday

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Today is hub's birthday. !!!
I love birthdays ... husband likes everyone's birthday, except his own.
Here are a few facts about this wonderful husband of mine:

He is a lover of gum, the Miami Dolphins, and Jesus.
He plays the guitar and sings worship.
Even though he thinks I am not listening, I really like when he plays is like having my own little personal music box who takes song requests.
He is adventurous and has a giving heart.
He is a natural leader.
If he wasn't in his current profession he would have made a really good lawyer...or a model for G.Q. ;)
He makes me laugh...I mean really laugh...tears and all.
Every morning he drink coffee and reads the good word.
He doesn't like chocolate.
He is the son of a preacher man.
He used to not eat sweets at all...I have changed his ways.
He is Mr. fix-it.
He is a wonderful Husband, Dad, brother, and friend!!!!


katie said...

A very happy birthday to your hubby!

Karen said...

Awww, very sweet! Happy Birthday to your husband. You two are blessed to have each other :)

Meredith said...

What sweet things you have to say-I hope y'all have a great day celebrating him!

Ashley said...

awww happy bday to him! the dolphin is my hubbys team too!


kayla rotola said...

Happy birthday to your husband! I love birthdays -- they are the best! Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Wanda May said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!! awww you are such a good wife. I am so happy you two are married and soulmates for life. You are the perfect image for how Christ works in Love. Bless your beautiful family xoxoxo love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he loves you as much as you love him!! :0) Happy Birthday Mr. Christina!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Hope you guys have a great day.

Kelly said...

happy birthday hubby! ;-) he sounds wonderful. GOD is a perfect match maker.

17 Perth said...

Oh yay!! Happy birthday to your hubby. Such a sweet sweet post!!

Alyss said...

Happy birthday Mr. Olive Tree! Spoil him. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww, so sweet. I LOVE that first saying, it's from Where The Wild Things Are, right? Happy Birthday to your hubbs!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet! Happy birthday to your husband!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Such a sweet post! Hope his birthday was especially a blessed one!

Blessings & Aloha!

Alexa said...

No chocolate???!!! Happy birthday to him anyway! ;)

hannah singer said...

precious. hope it was a fabulous day! xo

Raquel said...

Awww you're my happily ever after, I love that one I hope you spoiled your husband for his special day

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby! He sounds like a great man! :) xo