Tuesday, August 16, 2011

glitter and the chatterbox.

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On My Mind This Tuesday:

cute idea for photos using glitter

Hello all my new blogger friends!

Elisabeth helped me pick out these glitter photos. She likes to sit on my lap and look at pinterest...no joke. Of course we look at Disney Princesses and mermaids...not the random photos floating around.

THIS is her favorite image.

I am sure you have seen me write it before and it won't be the last...but I sure am thankful for this daughter of mine. She talks NON STOP! I really have no one to blame but my self...I am the same way. I am so thankful that she talks my ear through breakfast, while I am trying to write emails, while I am on the phone, while I am reading, while I am trying to talk to hubs, when she lays in bed at night and I am trying to leave her bedroom and she says..."I have to tell you somtin' " I wouldn't have it any other way because I know she will be gone and before I know it...and I will wish for that time back.

I am encouraging all you parents out there to take the time and talk to you kiddos, even if you are busy.

p.s. Jude has been crawling around the house acting like a puppy...so funny

p.s.s. Dear hubs, I miss you. Could you hurry home?


hannah singer said...

ok, LOVE the glitter goodies.
AND wonderful reminder! my kiddo doesn't talk very well yet. he does understand everything i say, so i have (mostly) one sided conversations with him. HE LOVES IT. and it is good for me to remember to speak to his heart, whether or not he can talk back to me.

love ya!

katie said...

Such a good reminder. : )

I have to tell you that I am somewhat a glitter-phobe. It may stem back to my 1st grade teaching days. : )

Ashley said...

that glitter pictures totally jogged my memory of some picture i took in India... when we would go to the villages they would always give us a necklace of flowers and the kids would throw or blow confetti or glitter on us to welcome us. the pictures of some of the glitter blowing were hilarious...especially since alot of it stuck to people since it was so hot, lol.
beautiful images and beautiful post. I thank God for the grace reading things like this before I have children because i will always have it in my spirit for when i do.


Stephanie said...

Girl. these pics made my heart flutter! For reals. My hubs calls me GG...short for glitter girl. lol. It shows up everywhere and in the most unlikely places...its kinda become my signature. My daughters is bobby pins. Mine is glitter. lol. We leave them everywhere we go. The men in our church laugh now that they know us cuz the very first time we ever came to our church, my hubs had glitter on his face the entire time he was preaching..(he didn't realize this of course... that was several Novembers ago..lots of crafting going on in November!) Now they don't think a thing of it when we are sparkling.
And love those chatterbox daughters.. they make life so full of fun stuff. :) I giggled at her favorite pic on Pinterest. too funny :)

Susan said...

I love me some glitter!
Funny...my little talks non-stop as well. No idea where she gets it from. ;)

Raquel said...

Glitter is great, no matter how old you are!

heartland farmhouse said...

Two days ago I wore a glittered shirt. As I continue to brush glitter from the face of my 4 mo. old with a chattering talker girl by my side your post is a gentle reminder!

God Bless!

LOVE that 1st pic

Kristy said...

Beautifully said!! I have 2 that NEVER stop talking my ear off. I have been trying really hard to embrace it and enjoy this time!!

Patchie said...

Oooh, I'm organizing a fairy photoshoot and this makes me want to incorporate glitter!

Kelly said...

here favorite is image amazing. it's so real! ha.ha. when we were at the beach last week i took tons of pics of the boys & my nephew. each pic went like this. smile... ugh!!! ok only if in the next one we can make silly face. Honestly the silly face pic are better than the posed ones.
I love the glitter!

Sunshine said...

Love glitter! great post. hope hubby hurry homes!

17 Perth said...

I love the glitter idea for a photo opp! And your daughter's pic on her fave photo on pinterest is too too funny.

Jenni Price illustration said...

I LOVE glitter and these photos are so sparkly, beautiful!

Yes, there is nonstop talking over here at my house too...so long as my kids talk one at a time, I'm in good shape.

kinze said...

love this and love your blog!

Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

My toddler can't talk yet, but I do try to take the time to really "play" with him and give him attention everyday, no matter how busy I am! I already can't believe how big he is, it's crazy how fast time goes by!

Beautiful photos by the way!

Lori said...

I love the glitter pictures! So pretty :) And I totally agree with you on taking time to listen to our kiddos!

Jami said...

This made me so happy! my oldest daughter talks ALL THE TIME! And she got ti from me too, hahahaha. My hubby and I always say we will miss that little voice when it's gone. Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet.
This is a great reminder to seize all the moments with our little ones!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Your posts about the kids always crack me up! You've got some good ones, I tell ya!