Tuesday, July 19, 2011

jude and supervision

{ source + how to = sophistimom}

I think I need this.
Here's why:

reason 399 Jude can not be left unsupervised:

I left him upstairs quietly "brushing" his teeth, as I went downstairs to clean up 1 pan and 2 plates from lunch...I know not the best idea I have ever had as a parent...I had a lapse of judgement...lets just say he created a little waterfall in the upstairs bathroom...I was even downstairs that long...totally my fault...geesh.

reason 400 Jude can not be left unsupervised:

I was switching over the laundry when I heard silence...which is never a good thing. I walked 5 feet to his bedroom to find he had flip over his toy box and had used it as a stepping stool to hoist himself on top on the changing table...to which he decided to stand up on...I'm not sure what the next step was...jumping?...good thing I caught him in time.

reason 401 Jude can not be left unsupervised:

He colored all over his arm while sitting at the table with "washable" black marker...he looks like leopard.


No time for bloggin I've got a little menace to keep my eye on...it is a good thing he is so cute :)

p.s. go ahead and laugh...this post was meant to be funny.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Okay I need this too!! That is one GIANT cookie! Oh man!

17 Perth said...

Hahaha---he is keeping you busy. And this cookie, I think you just made my husband's day. He LOVES chocolate chip cookies and he LOVES his cast iron pan (he is a chef and seriously loves his cooking pots/pans/utensils--haha)...so why not mix the two?
Thanks for the idea!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Haha. The joys of parenting! Not for the faint at heart. I'm sure you are doing a phenomenal job as a parent. And mmm...I want that pizookie! (That's what they call them at BJ's restaurant)

Mo Pie, Please said...

Oh the joys of boys, right? I am not a parent but I am an aunt of 2 girls and a boy and I have been around them quite a lot. So funny (but not funny at the time, right?).

And that skillet cookie - ooh boy. I had one like that after we moved into our last apartment and I had an upset stomach for quite a while!

Alexa said...

Oh wow. Meeee too! So yummy!

Kelly said...

that cookie reminds me of a pizookie. do you have a BJ's where you live. It's pure yummy goodness. i am so going to make this.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Oh man, that cookie looks GOOD. Your little guy sounds like quite a handful :) Agree, silence always signals trouble!!

Babymama said...


I need that cookie more than you. I swear I do. :)


Mindy Harris said...

i can relate...my daughter is 13 months so we're just getting into that busy stage.

Gina said...

cookie therapy is a valid form of coping when parenting young kiddos with a mind of their own... and I just picked up some new cast iron skillets, I've got to try that recipe!

Pinecone Camp said...

Dear lord that looks delicious! I need one too! Sounds like you have your hands full with a little monkey - have fun! ;)

Melanie said...

If you would have posted this on Saturday I could have "one-uped" you. My son electrocuted himself with the only 2 items in his entire room that are metal, the plug on his lamp and a belt loop!

Seriously, you made me hungry with that picture!

Raquel said...

I need that too! YUM! Ahhh washable black marker, I let someone give me a "tattoo" with that once lol

Adrian said...

I left the room for 5 minutes the other day and my youngest was standing on a little table pulling items off of the bookcase. He's not one yet. He scares me, so I know how you feel. Boys just can't be trusted by themselves.

kayla rotola said...

I need that too!! Woah, that makes me so hungry for chocolate chip cookies.

I'm getting caught up on all your cute posts today. : ) It stinks to not get internet on a regular basis these days! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your summer!

Abbey said...

That looks delicious!! Also, thanks for the book recommendation! ;)