Tuesday, May 24, 2011


{source} { via interview with anna from momfilter}

{Source : Owlet Shop }

{source} to bad they are out of stock :(

This is a cute idea for summer.

I might need to get some of these...they would be great by a bed.

Adorable idea for kids shoes, here.

I wish I would have done this with my kids feet.

For those of you who are parents, have you ever noticed the really random things that come out of your mouth? For example... ME: "small children, do you really think tag is the best game choice for the bathtub?" ..... (my sister talking to her 4 yr old: "Ryan, don't lick people, that is how you get sick!" ) and this:

Elisabeth:"Mom Jude dropped his apple on the floor."
ME: "Does it have dog hair on it?"
Elisabeth: "No."
ME: "
Ok then give it back to him. "


Mo Pie, Please said...

Ha ha! Tag in the bathtub...that is funny. I love talking to my brother's kids on the phone, they always brighten my day. Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor one day.

And that's awesome about your mascot! Glad to know they have a special place in others hearts too!

Megan said...

I love the dog hair conversation! I am sure we will have many of those at our household! As love the bird onsie!

kayla rotola said...

oh, kids. I'm excited to have some of those. : ) I saw that feet print thing on Pinterest. Cute idea.

Alyss said...

Love those wing shoes! And the dog hair probably just come back out in the next diaper anyways, yeah? I don't even brush it off anymore. Bad?! Oh well.