Monday, April 4, 2011


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Wow! Look at all my new followers...sweet!

I left town for a few days, kinda of last minute thing. It was soooo nice to get away. We swam, went here, spent family time together, and allowed our small children to have a diet of ice cream and soda.

Apparently ice cream shops stop selling sprinkles?? We went to 3 different shops and none of them sold sprinkles... What has the world come to? ...Ice cream without sprinkles...sad day. Wanna learn how to make your own sprinkles?? Click here.

p.s I can't stop eating this. Seriously. I can hear it calling my name from the pantry.




17 Perth said...

What? No sprinkles? The nerve. It's the perfect topping!

Jenni Price said...

We used to have Season Passes for Silver Dollar City but it was challenging when my kids were really little. Now that their getting older, we've talked about getting them again. I really enjoy it at Christmas time with all their festive lights. Anyhow, I'm glad you had a nice time! It's nice to get away sometimes!


sarah grace said...

that's the saddest thing i've heard in a long time! i can never get enough sprinkles. i guess i should start stocking up now!

Heather at Life Made Lovely said...

make your own sprinkles! that sounds like all kinds of fun. thanks for the link!! p.s. we eat nutella likes it's going out of style over here, too. yummy!!

mommyneedscoffee said...

found your blog through a comment you left on mine and i think i'm in love. i'll definitely make a cup of coffee, settle into my comfy chair, and stay here awhile. :)
p.s. when is your little boy's bday? My daughter is almost 2 too.