Tuesday, March 8, 2011


{source + how to = here}

Dear Pioneer Woman,

Thank you for making the best rolls ever.

p.s. I am making Italian bread from scratch today, yeast and all. I have never done this...
Anyone out there a good bread baker? Do you have a good italian bread recipe??


CaseyWiegand said...


Mo Pie, Please said...

Those look pretty great! We've made sourdough many times...just be patient! The longer it rises the better!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

That looks delicious. I can not bake I barely know how to cook for that matter. But this looks amazing. good luck.

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

It might be very delicious :DD
If you're looking for a italian recipe I think you should try to make "Biscotti" , it is so Yummy xP



Jenni Price Illustration said...

How did it turn out? This does look very good! I'm not good with making bread myself so I can't be of any help *sigh* but I can make frozen bread dough rise for me so can that count for something? Hee! Hee!