Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HEart Cake... {Let's EaT TuEsDAY}

{Wow! Sweet tutorial here...step by step on how to make this darling little cake. )
{found this via this blog}

Who has the time to make this?

Well, currently I do... we are in the middle of a
BLIZZARD...(insert tears,here)

So glad the hubs is home. We moved the couch close to the fire so we could see the snow fall out our windows. Looks like a few days of snuggling,eating, and movie watching.

~Stay warm and safe~

p.s. I am learning the aviation alphabet from the hubs... kinda cool.


ali said...

Oh, sounds like a nice day. No snow here yet, but I might take it if it meant I got to stay home and bake and sit by the fire by my husband.

Brittani Blue said...

Wow, that cake IS amazing!

Jenni Price Illustration said...

That cake is really impressive! The snow is ridiculous here too! I've never seen so much snow here and my kids toys outside are all buried in it! They went ahead and pre-canceled school for two days at least and many of our local businesses shut down today. Sitting by the fireplace does sound like a nice way to enjoy it! Blessings!

kayla rotola said...

we have a blizzard here too! i didn't mind it today though. my classes were cancelled, and tim didn't have to go in to work. we got to spend the day watching movies and playing scrabble. : )

tomorrow we both go to work...and i'm sure i'll enjoy the snow less when i have to be out in it.

stay warm!

Felicity said...

That cake is so rad!

Courtney B said...

Yum! Did you end up making this cake? :)
I hope you and your hubby had a great day snuggling and staying warm!!